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Years ago, Emma Jones worked tirelessly as a fireman in the forest to save all the kitties and put out all the fires. Today, Emma is a successful private eye in the big city solving murders, stopping mayhem and serving justice with a fedora.

Late one night at the police station while sleepily waiting for a new case to arrive Emma is alerted by strange sounds coming from a unused conference room. It's the forest kitties! They've shown up to give Detective Jones a big surprise party. However, unbeknownst to them, an entire civilization of new fiery friends is working their way across the night sky, and soon will inadvertently set the forest on fire once again - along with the mountains, the city and practically everything else.

Emma must now return to her old firehouse and don the fire hat once again to save the kitties, save the city, and capture every one of these new fiery friends before they can accidentally burn everything to the ground.

Jones on Fire 2 - a joint effort between Glass Bottom Games and Cerulean Games, coming to you when it's done.