Some truly awesome companies have hired us over the years to help them bring their games, applications and projects to market. Here is just a sample of who we have worked with.



Glass Bottom Games LLC is a Denver-based independent developer of video games for desktop and mobile devices. It was founded by industry veterans in 2011, with Lisa Foster on production, Megan Fox on tech, and Dennis Dryden on art. Our focus? We create exciting, new player-centric worlds where interactivity, exploration, and choice matter. These days, we’re kind of a loosely knit collaborative group. Only a few of us are full-time, and some of us have ventures going outside of Glass Bottom Games. We come together as project scope and our interests coincide.






Through its core strengths in data acquisition, web design and information distribution, coupled with strong software development capabilities, iConcepts™ is uniquely qualified to provide cost-effective technology solutions.





We bring our expertise in UX and software architecture, agile product development, game and character design, and the iOS and Android worlds to companies in Health, Entertainment, Consumer service and education.